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At ZenVol Studio you can practice lovely Do-in yoga and QiGong and make an appointment for Nature coaching in Arnhem, Schuytgraaf and surroundings. You can also participate in one of the beautiful workshops inspired by Shinrin Yoku, nature, its cycles and the (5!) Elements – we organize special lectures – or take you outside for a Mindful walk and Outdoor lessons.

At ZenVol Studio we want you to connect with the space where you can stand still and move, where you are in balance with yourself – and the ever-changing nature of life. Because within that space lies the possibility for a healthier and happier life. A life in which you have space for the things that you find important and value.

Because if you are more relaxed, you can let go of what no longer fits you and reflect on what you need. Only then can your energy flow again and you can move with the natural flow. Your flow. Inseparable from ‘all life’.

Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.

– Chinese wisdom


The ZenVol lessons start on the 29th in ‘De Huiskamer van Schuytgraaf’ at Lemoen 85. On Sunday 26 August, the last outdoor lesson of this year  will be hosted at the grasfield at ‘Het Hout’ in Schuytgraaf.

You will find the lessons, workshops and mindful walks in the schedule. You can view the schedule per week and log in easily to register for a lesson / workshop of your choice. Are not you a member yet? Read more about ZenVol membership and sign up! You will also find ZenVol Studio in other places such as festivals and events. These are listed below in the Agenda and can be found on the Schedule.

Agenda & Events

8-9 | Do-in children’s yoga and family yoga at the Yogafestival Arnhem